Åpen kirke - Open church 2022

You are welcome to visit our beautiful churces in Vestvågøy! Some of them are open to the public this summer.

The five churches on the island of Vestvågøy are all very different in architecture, age and atmosphere. You are welcome to visit the churches.

This summer, three of the churces will be open at certain times, for you to enter and have a view the interior - and maybe a chat with the local guide/representative. You are also very welcome to join our services.

To make it possible to keep the church open, there may be a small entrance fee (not for services). 



ÅPEN KIRKE i normal arbeidstid, man-fre kl 10-14, så fremt det er ansatte tilstede. Er døra åpen, er du velkommen inn!

Borge church is open normal workdays Mondays - Fridays 10 am - 2 pm (14:00), providing that some of our staff is present. If the door i open, you are welcome in!








Borge church is located close to the E10, next to Lofotr Viking Museum, at Prestegårdsveien 75, Bøstad.

It is the newest church in Vestvågøy, initiated in 1987, and built from the plan of a local architect, K.Gjernes. It holds a square form made of concrete, and a modern expression. The ceiling and interior are made of wood. Together with the prominent organ to the right of the altar, glasspaintings to the left, and a textile woved alterpiece, these are important elements for the atmosphere of the church.



Open hours (inngang/fee: Nok 30/€ 3) 

24. July: Kl.10.30 – 14.00
25. July: Kl.10.30 – 14.00
28. July: Kl.10.30 – 14.00
1.  Aug.: Kl.10.30 – 14.00
2. Aug.: Kl.10.30 – 14.00
8.  Aug.: Kl.10.30 – 14.00
10. Aug.: Kl.10.30 – 14.00
27. Aug.: Kl.10.30 – 12.45

Buksnes church is located at Buksnesveien 450, Gravdal, and is easy to see on the road between Gravdal and Ballstad, and visible from Leknes harbour. 

The Buksnes church we have today, was built in 1905, and holds the iconic style from its time; "dragestil". This type of ornamentation har its origin partly from the old stave churches, and partly from the older use of animal-carvings. Buksnes church is a good example of the type of architecture that became popular in this period, to emphasize the Norwegian national feeling. It holds 5-600 seats. The building is protected.

Buksnes has been an important church site since medieval times, and is first time mentioned in 1324. In 1589 we know that this was the location of the main church in the parish, and it had "branches" in Hole, Borg, Flakstad og Moskenes. 



Open to the public every FRIDAY until August 5th. Kl 14-17 
Welcome to sit in silence, pray or light a candle.








You pass Stamsund church coming in to Stamsund from Leknes, on J.M. Johansens vei 295.

The church was consecrated in 1937. The former chapel, which was taken by a landslide in 1905, was located in the neighbor village of Steine. There was no church building here in the years in between, and services were held in different places.

Stamsund church is build of concrete, and the exterior has been restored in the recent years. The interior had different colors when it was build. Because of its expression, and the contents, the church has been referred to as a "power-station". The church and urnfield/burial ground are protected, because it is a rear example of a church with this functionalistic style/architecture from this period.

The architect, S. Brenne, also made the plan for the former town hall in Stamsund and for the residence of the owner of the fishindustry in Stamsund in these years.

Stamsund church is open to the public on FRIDAYS kl 14-17, and you are welcome to join the service (list below).
Velkommen til gudstjeneste i Stamsund kirke (se detaljer under)-











Valberg church is practically located on the Valberg beach, at Hestøyveien 36, Valberg.

Todays church is made of wood, and was built in 1888. It is the 2nd oldest church in Vestvågøy, after Hol church. The  architechture with gothic elements, is very typical from this period. In 1937 and 1951-52 the church was modified, made longer and got extra windows for lighting. Some of these windows have symbolic paintings. 

You are welcome to join the service in Valberg Church (list below).
Velkommen til gudstjeneste i Valberg kirke (se detaljer under)-










The wooden, cross-shaped church is located on the hillside east from Leknes, at Hol 39. You can see the church from the road on your way to Stamsund.

This is the oldest church in Vestvågøy - and the 2nd oldest in Lofoten, built in 1806, and restored/modified in 1859. It has a special historical interest. Hol church was used as a polling station during the election in 1814, when Norway got its first government as an independent state.

This site has been a church site and burial grounds since late medieval times. The cemetary has been removed. The church building and grounds are protected. The oldest artifact inside is the bell from 1580. The altarpiece is a painted picture of "the last supper" and with other details, from 1766.

Hol church is not open to the public this summer, but you are welcome to join the service.
Velkommen til gudstjeneste i Hol kirke (se detaljer under).

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